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About Us

We are the Place to Be to find BOTH quality residential rentals and to find a property management team that are experts in locating and screening the best residents.

Areas we provide property management services:

  • Your area
  • Another area
  • Yet another area if applicable


Meet A Team

Not one of us

When John is not placing new high quality tenants into your rentals he spends his time kayaking, rafting, and tending to his "tomato" plants. John has 23 years experience managing properties. He began with his own properties, and shortly thereafter started some other company to bring his experience to help others.

Not us either

Mary joined someone else in 2014 bringing with her 13 years of commercial property management experience. Mary enjoys Shakespear plays and Britt concerts.

Another made up person

Jackleen enjoys skydiving and base jumping. On weekends when not working (this is property management after-all), Jackleen can be found at the rock climbing wall or on the side of the river soaking John with a super soaker as he kayaks by.

Still not one of us

Robert spends most of his time rubbing his chin and trying on sweaters.  Now that he's found the perfect purple sweater we anticipate seeing him at work more often.


 "Damn it Doug" All of us