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About Us

B&B Real Estate Services, LLC has developed a systematic and authentic approach to effectively and efficiently manage properties. Not only does effective property management produce a high yielding asset, but it also yields a quality tenant, building, and owner. B&B Real Estate Services is committed to superior property management services through communication and education amongst managers and property residents. B&B has built a solid reputation of providing quality, affordability, and integrity.  




Prompt Rent Collection

We take rent collection very seriously. Our leases require that payments be made on the 1st of each month with a 5-day grace period. Late fees are added after the above dates.     


Vacancy Control and Tenant Retention

Finding quality tenants is essential to having a desired property for the tenants and community. Each tenant must comply with our rental criteria, which is tailored to each property. Once a quality tenant is found, we continue to build a solid relationship in order to retain the tenant.


Communication and transparency are key with tenants. We provide communication places as needed to inform and educate tenants. For example: seasonal cleaning tips, energy efficient tips, upcoming policy changes, etc.


Affirmative marketing practices are used to minimize vacancies. Units will be advertised online and other marketing pieces as seen fit. Our strong referral system often allows us to fill a vacancy before it becomes available on the open market.



 "Opening Doors to a Better Future!"

  • We provide superior, proactive maintenance: routine maintenance checks; 24-hour response time to requests; well-kept, welcoming properties.
  • We deliver responsive and friendly customer service: tenant updates; positive atmosphere and sense of being part of a community; and follow-up calls.
Meet Your Team



Angie Bingen

Angie is a managing partner of B&B Real Estate Services. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in International Studies and German from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  Angela has more than 8 years of corporate experience developing and implementing procedures to increase effectiveness and production. She has applied this knowledge and experience in efficiently managing multi-family complexes for the B&B portfolio, as well as for other owners. Angela has been a licensed broker in the State of Wisconsin since 2011.


Adam Bingen

Adam is a managing partner of B&B Real Estate Services. Adam has over 20 years in the construction industry and is a licensed General Contractor. His experience and skills in the construction industry are crucial to the foundation and future of B&B. Adam has been the general contractor for many large-scale multi-family developments, sub-divisions and office facilities.


KatieJo Weninger

KatieJo has over 10 years of experience in office management and customer service. She has been a member of the B&B team for over 5 years and plays an integral role in overseeing the daily office operations and marketing strategies.