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About Us

Bridge Properties is an Extension of Bridge Realty, a local Family owned and operated Real Estate Brokerage. Bridge Properties operates on one simple fundamental.....Clients want the best treatment and expect great results. Our founder opened the Brokerage and used the local Waco Suspension Bridge as the motivation for the company. The Waco Suspesion Bridge is a symbol of growth, diversity, evolution and community improvement. It was the perfect image of the visions for Bridge Realty!

When Bridge Realty opened it was with a strong will to train, educate and support the Agents to become the Agents that the community trusted and looked towards for guidance. Agents that are in the business to serve families by helping them to find properties that felt like home and fit the family and its personality! Its never been about the money but more about the profession!!!

Bridge Properties has the exact same drive and ambition.....Serve families by finding great homes that fit the family need and feel like home and not just a house. This is why Bridge Properties has Property Consultants instead of "managers". Managers don't seem to truly work for your satisfaction. Only to fulfill a job description. Our Consultants not only serve the families looking for a great property but they also help Owner/Investors with their investment properties. What better way to help a family find a great home than to work closely with the investors and help them keep their properties leased and keeping an eye on the market for that next great home to add to the protfolio?

Want to experience what it is like to work closely with your own personal consultant?

Call Bridge Properties today (254) 300-5036

We can take of your Property needs in Waco and the surrounding areas!

Meet Your Team

Andrea Traylor - Property Consultant

My passion has always been real estate and helping people find their place to call home. I worked as a Property Manager in Multifamily for 13 years before getting my real estate license and switching over to selling single family homes. I also own and operate short term rentals in Waco and love talking to guests from all over the world to find out how they chose Waco for their getaway. I moved to Waco from Dallas shortly before I married my wonderful husband Steven in 2011. I have a step daughter Caroline and a fur baby named Lily. My other passion is traveling and I am always looking for my next adventure! After researching Bridge Properties and their "Why" I decided this was where I needed to call home! Bridge Properties and the owner is truly about taking care of families and that is important to me. We take care of tenants as well as owners to a degree that is unheard of in the Property Management industry.

Cindy Shapley - Admin Assistant

Profile Coming Soon

Robert Barben - President

I have always trained my employees to work with their clients as they would like to be treated. It seems to be the best approach for maximum client satisfaction! This is the approach we have used with Bridge Realty and Bridge Properties. Treat the clients, whether they be Buyers, sellers or investors, as if they were your nearest and dearest family member and they will always enjoy the process, the experience and the benefits! Our clients have the pleasure of working with professional Property Consultants instead of managers. We wanted our Consultants to work WITH the tenants and investors to maximize their experience and truly find a great pairing between home and tenant. When the right tenant is matched with the right home it can be nothing but an enjoyable long term relationship. By taking this approach our investors and property owners get to experience great Return on their Investments. I learned a long time ago, especially in business, if you properly put others interests in front of your own your are destined for greatness! Let's be great together!!!!