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About Us

Highest Level of Tenant Screening & Our Personal Appoach

One of the most important skills of a successful property manager, is the ability to properly screen the tenants. We do not send an application to a 3rd party to get a quick credit score for a 2 minute approval. We have been in the business of tenant screening for over 25 years. 


As technology grows, so does the sophistication of prospective tenant’s lies and masterminded/fake paperwork including paycheck stubs and social security verifications. Does the bank statement appear to be “tampered” with? We will drive to the local branch to verify its validity. Do we question the place of employment listed on the application?  We will do a “drive by” to investigate.  


We take all precautions necessary to make sure your tenant is property screened and meets the high standards we know you would like to have in your rental. If we wouldn’t place them in our rental, we won’t place them in yours.


The application process includes:

    · An Equifax credit report with Fico score

    · Employment and income verification

    · Rental history verification

    · Title check of all private landlords when calling on rental history

    · Eviction / Unlawful Detainer history

    · Criminal background search (if requested)


Benefits of Letting us Manage Your Home

The benefits of letting us manage your home will be very personal to you and depend upon your goals, time restrictions, capabilities, and desires. We will work with you to understand your goals for your property and work towards implementing a plan that helps us meet those goals.


Is your goal to maximize the profits from the rents? We are knowledgeable of the rental industry and are involved in the processing of hundreds of applications for the rental industry each week. We can price your property at a competitive position.


Is your goal to maintain the property for a short period of time looking to maximize the income from short term rentals while you prepare the property for sale? We can manage this process for you helping you to evaluate trends in the market both from a rental perspective and sales perspective and move it onto the market seamlessly in one plan & with the same resources.


Are you looking to complete upgrades? We have you covered both within in-house resources as well as experienced individuals we have used on our own properties. 

Guaranteed you won’t just be an account number

We understand the importance of your property as an investment. It may have even been the home you grew up in. If you are looking to entrust your property to others, we would enjoy the opportunity to meet with you, see your property, and share some ideas for how we can help meet your property investment goals. Give us a call and let’s set up an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you.