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About Us

Welcome to FBA Properties!

We are a small, locally-owned apartment management company, and offering superior customer service is our primary goal. Our desire is to attract and keep quality tenants in a stable, safe and clean environment.

Free, open and friendly communication is at the core of our operations. We strive to be responsive, and encourage tenants to contact our office with any concerns that may arise. This, we believe, is the most effective way to get issues quickly and efficiently resolved.

Our philosophy towards maintenance rests on the same simple model. Tim Kerns of TK Maintenance handles all repair, maintenance and emergancy calls personally. We find that direct communication with the person who will actually be responding to the service calls leads to a faster and more complete solution for all those involved. Tim is available 24/7 for those emergancy needs that cannot wait.

Our office is conveniently located at 1637 Aber Ave #3, right in the heart of these properties, where we feel we can be more immediately responsive and better serve our tenants.

Again, our goal is to make your tenancy while renting from us to be the best possible experince that we can, and we hope you enjoy your stay!


Best Wishes,

Terry Vargason
Owner, FBA Properties