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About Us

 Rebate Property Management LLC was founded in 2007 by Belinda Wright as a standalone property management company.  With over 30 years of real estate experience Belinda saw a need for a property management company that focused solely on property management and not all aspects of the real estate industry.  The company quickly grew in size because of the superior service and focus they were providing.   

In 2015 Belinda’s daughter Shari Pruitt, who herself has over 20 years real estate experience, began assisting her mother in the day-to-day operations of the company and upon Belinda’s untimely passing in 2016, the company was left in the very capable hands of her daughter to carry on the exceptional service this family-owned company has always provided.


Our Mission Statement

Rebate Property Management’s mission is to deliver property management services to homeowners and investors by applying the highest standards of professionalism and integrity by designing and delivering a level of service unmatched by our competitors. We service our customers by creating and delivering quality service which is unique to each person’s individual needs; being done as efficiently and effectively as possible.


 Client Care Expectations

To maintain a service related attitude, promote well being encompassing all aspects of our client’s property management needs;

·  To actively communicate with clients, tenants, vendors and others while providing property management;

·  To provide exceptional customer service consistently;

·  To continually excel on the fundamentals and mechanics of property management; and

·  To represent each client with their specific needs in mind.


 What We Offer

As an owner of a rental property you want a company who will always keep your best interests in the forefront.  Rebate Property Management is committed to providing the highest possible service for you and your property.  We have invested in web-based software so our team can manage your home with the highest level of service. 

We will:

Actively advertise your property;

Use innovative marketing tactics to fill vacancies quickly;

Set appointments and show your home;

Process applications, including thorough background, credit, employment and rent history verifications;

Lease preparation and execution;

Perform move-in/move-out inspections;

Perform bi-annual property inspections;

Conduct monthly drive-by inspections;

Collect monthly rents;

Send quarterly and annual accounting statements;

Prepare yearly 1099 forms;

Supervise repairs and maintenance;

Eviction services; and

File for collections and garnishments, if necessary.


  Do you need a Property Manager?

Let us provide you with some information to help you make the decision.

 How close are you to your home?

This is huge when thinking about repairs and emergency maintenance, regular home inspection and collections.  Are you going to be able to carve the time out you need to deal with these issues?

 Have you thought about how much rent you should be asking?

If you ask too little, there could be $$$ left on the table.  Ask too much and you could be sitting with a vacant property for months.

 Accounting is another area that needs some thought.

Record keeping of property costs and income at tax time is very important to make sure you are filing properly.  A property management company will keep track of all of your costs and income.  Most will send you monthly statements and will provide a 1099 at the end of the year.

 Application and tenant approval is essential to finding good tenant for your home.

Do you have the ability to do background checks on rental history, credit and confirm income to qualify your new tenant.  Not doing this properly can cost you thousands of dollars in rent loss and damages.

 Finally, proper representation in court when you have to go is also essential.

Property management companies have experience in court and will have an Attorney on retainer for some of the difficult problems that might arise.




A few testimonials about our services:


Fantastic property management group, I wouldn’t use any other company 


 Always keeps our interest as a top priority and has great communication 

My wife and I have been very pleased with the services provided to us while being deployed. 

We highly recommend Rebate to all our friends and family. 


I have rented through Rebate for 10 years and 3 different properties…I hope to never

have another property manager.


Rebate has been great with my rental home.  Always finds great tenants and takes

care of everything quickly.  

Rebate manages 13 investment properties that we own.  We are so thankful for the wonderful
service they provide us.  We tried managing our properties ourselves and tried other property
management companies, both were a disaster.  We can’t say enough good things about Rebate and
always sing their praises to anyone we know looking for a property manager. 


Top notch property management company, they treat my property like it is their own. I wouldn’t use anyone else.  


I am a tenant with Rebate and they are great at responding to my needs in a timely manner. 


Rebate is a well trusted name in the property management business…that’s all you need to know folks! 
These people are awesome!