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About Us

This is where we are supposed to talk about ourselves. We think you'll like us. 


Meet The Team

John Smith

We have no idea who John is, but he looks like a hipster. He's not associated with us. 



Mary Sue

Mary Sue is a covert agent of a government that may or may not be responsible for a political coup in the USA. 



Jackleen Miller

Jackleen looks nice enough, but the spelling of her name makes us suspicious. Is she Mary Sue's in-country handler? 



Robert Franklin

Robert thinks he's cuter than he really is. We don't know him either. We fear this might be a photo from his OKCupid profile. 



Patty Mitchell

This is Patty when she used to work for Doesn't she look like a realtor? She never was one and doesn't like this picture at all. Patty is the owner of 4 of the 5 properties listed on this page and the business manager for the 5th. If you're renting from Shaker PM Rentals she's the one you'll interact with the most. 



Amin Shaker

Amin is Shaker PM Rentals accountant and all around good guy.