A botique property management company specializing in management of metro Atlanta real estate assets for certain high rise condo owners OR multiple-unit home/condo/apartment owners. Skip to main content

About Us

Our broker got tired of having property managers allow tenants to live for free, destroy his properties

and utlimately operate with no accountability.  He fired them and opened his own property management

company for high rise condo owners and sophisticated property investors. We presently manage

5 portfolios and 30 properties. 


'The broker' lives in a high rise and understands the complexities and costs of renting high-rise condos, leasing

permits and fines that can result.  Our present speciality is Meridian Buckhead and Buckhead Grand high-rises.  

We also specialize in managing the portfolios of sophisticated property investors who demand a higher

caliber of management.  Unless your property(ies) are in Meridian or Buckhead Grand, your portfolio must

qualify for us to offer a management contract.  


Here are properties and portfolios that we are likely to approve for management:

  • Meridian or Buckhead Grand (coming soon: Realm and Paramount)
  • Multi-Family buildings with 2-4 bedroom units at minimum rents of $750/mo
  • Multi-owner of Single Family housing with a minimum rental rate of $950
  • Single owner homes with a rent rate above $3000 per month
  • Owners with 5 or more single family detached homes needing management
  • Owners with 5 or more single family attached homes needing management

Unfortunately, we are not presently seeking any first time investors unless your property

is in Meridian Buckhead or Buckhead Grand (if you own another high rise unit, please 

feel free to reach us to see if we are ready to accept management in a new facility).



Frequently Asked Questions:

How to pay rent:
Log in to the tenant portal with the user name and password provided by email at move in. 


For electronic payments one time or re-occurring: 
-Set up payments through your routing and account number with no fee.
-Or use a credit with a minimum of a 3% fee. 
To pay with cashiers check or money order: 
Make payable to Crabtree Joint Living Trust and mail payment on or before due date to 3338 Peachtree Rd NE, #2105, Atlanta 30326. 
On the money order or cashiers check you must include your printed name and address with unit number. 
-When making payments in person, Mark your sealed envelope with #2105. 
-ALWAYS KEEP RECEIPTS As no one is liable for a lost check or money order. 
Maintenance Emergencies: 
Although your maintenance request is important to us, not all requests are emergencies. 
To submit a work order, please log into your portal and place your work order. emails, text messages, or calls will not be accepted. Once it's placed and agent will reach out to you to request photos of the issue. 




Meet Your Team

Bryan Crabtree, Broker 'Real Estate Problem Solver'

Bryan has managed multiple portfolios of rental real estate and re-hab.  He has personally purchased, rented or flipped nearly 200 properties in his twenty year real estate career.  He has expertise in Home Owner's Association complexities, rental permits and portfolio performance. He has consistently acheived 13% returns in his portfolio management.  He offers asset acquisition consulting on a fee-basis and/or as a commissioned broker. 


Our Team of Vendors

We are partnered with a team of vendors who handle all aspects of property management, rehab, security, loss mitigation and maintenance. From scheduled lawn care to complete property rehabs, our team has performed property tasks for as little as rekeying doors, to six-figure renovations.