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eRealty Advantage, Inc.

 A Real Estate Services Company!

Real Estate Investment & Property Management Company

A Real Estate Services Company!


My name is Oswaldo Torres and I am the founder of a Real Estate Sales & Property Management Company.  I have over 28 years of Real Estate Sales & Property Management experience across four states. This level of Property Management experience has allowed me to successfully add an all in framework and market infrastructure crucial to success in managing Real Estate Investments.

Property Owners - Real Estate Investment Services & Property Management Specialist. Whether you are a seasoned real estate investor or an accidental landlord, I am here to help add value to your property, maximize your ROI, and to ensure you are getting market rent on your rental property. We manage your interest by ensuring the proper maintenance of your property and the timely collection of rents. You have 24/7 access to property reports via our owners portal and your owner distributions are deposited directly into your account via our ACH deposit system FREE.

We manage Single Family Homes, Duplexes, Triplexes, Quads, Multi-Family Residential; Apartments & Mobile Home Parks, Investors or Landlords, Our Property Management Services will help you do what you do best; Invest in Real Estate. Se Habla Español

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 Renters - scroll down and search for Available Rental Properties and submit an application online quickly and easily. Once approved you will have access to your tenant portal where you can pay your rent online directly from your checking account and submit maintenance requests online and track the progress of the repairs. 

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Pay Rent Online
Did you know that you can pay your rent and submit maintenance requests online?
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Available Properties
View our available rental properties and submit an electronic application quickly and easily.
management services
Management Services
We manage your properties efficiently and effectively, providing exceptional service.

Why work with a local property management company?

  • We have a local office with Extensive Knowledge of the Local Market.
  • We know the latest laws & techniques.
  • We use the best property management software.
  • We provide you with an owner portal to view property stats.
  • We provide tenants the ability to auto-draft or pay online.
  • We know how to market your property.
  • We know how to pick and screen good tenants.

Property management involves the oversight, operation, and control of real estate. This includes residential, commercial, and industrial properties. The primary goal of property management is to ensure that the property is maintained and utilized in a way that maximizes its value and meets the objectives of the property owner or investor.

Key aspects of property management include:

  1. Tenant Relations:

    • Finding and screening tenants.
    • Handling lease agreements and renewals.
    • Addressing tenant concerns and managing disputes.
  2. Property Maintenance:

    • Regular inspections of the property.
    • Coordinating repairs and maintenance.
    • Managing landscaping and other property aesthetics.
  3. Rent Collection:

    • Setting and adjusting rental rates.
    • Collecting rent and enforcing late fees.
  4. Financial Management:

    • Budgeting and financial reporting.
    • Handling property taxes and other financial obligations.
  5. Marketing and Advertising:

    • Advertising vacant properties.
    • Marketing the property to attract tenants.
  6. Legal Compliance:

    • Ensuring compliance with local housing laws and regulations.
    • Handling evictions when necessary.
  7. Risk Management:

    • Implementing safety measures.
    • Obtaining appropriate insurance coverage.
  8. Property Improvement and Upgrades:

    • Identifying opportunities for property improvement.
    • Overseeing renovations or upgrades to increase property value.
  9. Technology Integration:

    • Utilizing property management software for efficient operations.
    • Implementing technology for communication and reporting.
  10. Communication:

    • Regular communication with property owners and tenants.
    • Handling inquiries and providing updates.

Property management can be carried out by individual property owners, but it's also common for property owners to hire professional property management companies. These companies specialize in handling the day-to-day responsibilities associated with property ownership, allowing property owners to focus on other aspects of their lives or business.

Effective property management is crucial for maintaining property value, ensuring tenant satisfaction, and mitigating risks associated with property ownership.

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