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About Us

We are the Place to Be to find BOTH quality residential rentals and to find a property manager that is an expert in locating and screening the best residents. We are also experts in maintaining your quality home, duplex, condominium.

Provide income property owners a stress-free experience through superb communication and excellent management and leasing services.

Through the experience, creativity and problem solving abilities of our staff, we constantly strive to streamline, perfect and improve our processes and systems so that we may provide a service to our clients more valuable than its price, all while maintaining our honesty, professionalism, integrity and ethics.

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Areas we provide property management services:

  • Dallas
  • Fort Worth
  • Metro Areas


Utility Connect Services

 We are here for you, to help assist you in your move.  Here at DFW Rent houses we want to help make your transition as easy as possible, please click on our utility connect link to help you set up and transfer all of your services to your new home. If you prefer to speak with one of our representatives please call us at 817-527-5013, we would love to help you set up services.

Meet Your Team


Robert Lewis

DFW Rent Houses is one of the most trusted property management companies in the DFW area. Clients know our level of commitment, as we believe in open communication and follow through. For us, it is all about ensuring our client's satisfaction. Unlike most property managers, we actually answer our phones, even late at night! We believe in full transparency and have a straight forward approach to the way we handle our business and relations with all involved. The staff is filled with licensed and experienced professionals, all having a fantastic understanding of the market. This allows us to better serve property owners by maintaining occupancy rates and keeping expenses to a minimum.Focusing only on rental properties and not real estate sales, we are experts when it comes to investment and rental property management. Our reputation for professionalism and excellence is something you can absolutely rely on. We have tremendous support from our investors and all have nothing but positive reviews for us and can vouch for our integrity and detail to do honest work. Above all and in all, we are a Christian company and give God the glory and  adhere to strict business practices outlined in His written Word, The Holy Bible.
 WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT Unlike most property management companies, we aren't interested in growing to be the largest, just the best. With individual relationships built one at a time, you can be assured that detail is put into every conversation and transaction. I personally deal with every owner myself and still believe "old-fashioned" customer service never goes out of style.  With my previous company, I saw growth and all that entails but with that came a cost, that cost was a lack of continued individual service. Details are key. Whether your an  owner or investor, I know your needs because I've been doing this for a long time.  I understand your concerns financially as well as your need to have a person of trust as your "boots on the ground" . We offer straight forward pricing, many of which are performance-based, meaning, if we don't perform to a high level we lower our fees. Additionally, unlike most other property management companies we don't nickel and dime our tenants either. We don't charge burdensome fees to tenants as another revenue stream. A happy tenant is a tenant that will stay long, that will care for your home and actually improve it while occupying it. We take much pride in selecting only the best that go in your home. Our selection process is second to none since we literally cherry pick the best of the best. This does two things- makes you residual income and takes the stress off of you with us managing your property for you.