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How are Rental rates determined?

Comparative market analysis and collaboration with you, the property owner.


Under what conditions can I cancel my management contract, is there a penalty if we cancel?  The contract may be canceled with a 30 day notice.  There is no penalty.  I find it is never  beneficial to force someone to work with you if they don't want to. 


What are the management fees and/or pricing options when the property is being rented?  

I charge a flat monthly fee.  There is a discount for multiple properties.


Are there fees when the property has no tenants?  

 There is no management fee during vacancy if I am this listing agent that markets  the property for lease. 


How long are your properties typically vacant?  

With proper pricing and make ready, less than a month.  


Do you mark-up maintenance and repairs?  

No.  Written receipt copies are provided with your monthly report.