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Find more than just an apartment, Find your new home

Ready to move? Finding a nice apartment is difficult; finding the perfect apartment you will be happy in, is the true challenge. Just as no two properties are alike, neither are owners. Most owners manage properties. We focus on managing people. You don't always get what you pay for when living in a large apartment complex. You simply do not receive the attention you should. We believe in investing into our properties by first screening and focusing on quality people such as yourselves.

The Pros and Cons of Large Apartment Complexes:

You may receive a great rate and even a "move-in special" - but are you really saving? Most complexes use gimmicks to lure prospective tenants into their communities and later incorporate their initial loss into large rent increases as time passes. We, on the other hand, offer an affordable monthly rate for a beautifully customized and decorated apartment home in addition to friendly service. Owning a smaller complex allows us to provide quality service for each of our tenants.

Do you know everyone in your complex? In a large apartment complex with hundreds of units, it is hard to believe management can remember everyone who rents from them. Smaller communities such as ours allows us to cater to our tenants and produces great relationships and happy tenants.

We’re committed to providing the highest quality service available anywhere.

Call us today at 216-282-6131 to learn more about how we can help you find a place you can call home. We look forward to hearing from you.