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About Us

Whether you are leasing, buying or selling your home, you will not find a better team of professionals, more knowledgeable in the real estate market. We specialize in optimizing your real estate experience. We are experts in finding a home in an area you choose and helping you to obtain the best price available. We have many years of experience in managing homes and apartments in this ever changing rental market. We work to protect your investment and maximize the income while making the role of a landlord simple and painless. Contact us today at (843) 225-0296.

We provide property management services all over  the Charleston Area and work to keep your operating cost low.


Looking for a Professional Property Management Company
There are four key skills necessary for worry free ownership.
1. Asset Protection - Capstone has years of experience in the real estate business. We perform regular inspections of your property and ensure your home is being maintained and is always in compliance.
2. Tenant Screening - We use several methods to ensure the tenants, we select, meet our expections in caring for your home and financial stability.
3. Marketing - We use a number of online services to ensure any vacant home get the maximun amount of exposure on-line. We make careful plans on each property to reduce vacancy days. In some cases, our owners do not miss any rent days during a transition.
4. Accounting - We handle all aspects of the book-keeping. From repairs and maintainance, to year end reporting. We handle it all.