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About Us


We are family owned and operated. The Home Options' property management division was originally created to fill the need of our military clients and friends who were being relocated. Owning homes with little to no equity, in most cases, these folks were between a rock and hard place. Finding them great tenants and taking care of their homes while they were away was our pleasure, and remains so to this day.


Some of these same friends are still with us after 19 years! We treat our clients and tenants as we would wish for ourselves - with respect, trust, integrity and care. Maintaining care means finding the very best tenants and professionals so the properties under us are maintained, in keeping with the law, and consistently occupied.  


Meet Your Team

Martin Valera


Martin is a licensed Real Estate Broker and our Property Manager. He has been a Realtor since 1991 and a Broker since 1999, at which time he opened Home Options. This has provided him with a wealth of experience regarding the San Antonio and surrounding areas. Martin has been married to Kathleen for over 31 years and is a proud father of two great kids (now adults). He has a great sense of humor and is widely known for his loud laugh. 

Aside from his family, Martin is most proud of the fact that more than 90% of his business every year comes from previous clients and referrals.  His greatest strength resides in client trust and satisfication. Making sure they are his first priority, they know he is always there for them - from the beginning, middle and to the end. With sound advice, he gets the job done as easily and as quickly as possible. If you need someone to make you smile with an added boost of confidence through a tough time, he is your man. Right now he enjoys a five star rating on and Zillow.







Terence Valera


Terence is a relatively new comer to the world of Real Estate. He began his career as a Realtor in 2015 but what he lacks in experience he more than makes up for with his drive to be the best Realtor in San Antonio. Terence brings his 20 plus years of management experience to Home Options and is helping to make our company more efficient and organized. He works hard everyday to make sure our clients' interests are well taken care of. Terence received his work ethic from his father, Isaias Valera, who though gone now, left him with a strong sense of responsibility toward his family and his work.


Whether checking to make sure we don't miss a chance to update our knowledge base, making sure our listings are shown promptly, putting up signs, installing lockboxes or checking on repairs, he is always there to help.