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About Us

Tiny Village Park, LLC, is owned by Domenic Mangano, the President  of Jamaica Cottage shop; a vermonter with over 26 years of experience in building tiny houses shipped all over US, Canada and Europe.   

The 100 years old park is located in a serene, safe and lush  enviroment    at 1505 Bellows Fall Rd, South Charlestown New Hampshire 03603.

The park is to the east of  Connecticut river with a good inter -transport system either by bus or the Great mountain railroad to Washington D.C        and St. Albans daily.

Presently, the park houses 23 homes on a 7 acre site with space for more  as it goes through renovation by the present management.

 The Tiny Village park is poise to:

 Provide Tiny House Parking.

 Give you access to all amenities within the park.

 Maintain a serene, safe and tranquil environment.

Meet Your Team


 Domenic Mangano

 Domenic love of structure and  designs started when he was 10years old; he constructed  a tree       house 40 feet  high affix to a soft spruce tree at his home in North Andover!

  An astude business man, senior designer and president of the Jamaica cottage shop, the Tiny Village     park  is  an extension of his dream to provide eco-friendly and tranqul environment for  mobile  home     owners.

 At his spare time, Domenic enjoys snowmobiling, four-wheeling and communing with the wilderness.     He  loves community service as he supports numerous schools and women crises  centres in vermont.

 Domenic has been a member of the local fire department since 2011.







 Adebola Adebakin

 Adebola is the Office Manager for Tiny Village Park, LLC.

 She has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and eleven years  experience which spans   customer service, office administration and human resources in the  Engineering, Construction and   Consulting  firms.  

 Her responsibility is to effciently manage the park by cordinating all activities, build and maintain  a   cordial working relationship with the tenants and community.

 Adebola loves travelling and baking.