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About Us

We are the Place to Be to find BOTH quality residential rentals and to find a property manager that is an expert in locating and screening the best residents. We are also experts in maintaining your quality home. Contact us today at (805) 584-2688.

Areas we provide property management services:

Ventura County

Northwest Los Angeles County

Our Services Include:


Investing in real estate is, arguably, the greatest means of achieving the American Dream. The way a real estate transaction is managed, whether it is buying, selling or leasing a property, makes the difference between a poor investment and a great one.

Our property management services feature the following key points:









(However, we are a full service management company, open and flexible to the needs of our owner and resident tenants.)


As your property becomes available for rent we will place a FOR RENT sign in front of your property as well as placing it our web site with still photos and a description of the premises. Additionally, we use several internet advertising sites to promote the availability.


We will make every effort to insure a tenant will pay their rent on time and take good care of your investment. We verify a potential tenant’s past rental or ownership history, their employment history, their current and past earnings statement and, if the tenant is moving from a local address, we will drive by that address to access the exterior condition of that property. At each property owner’s request, we reserve the right to obtain a current credit report on each prospective tenant. The cost of the credit report, if any, will be the responsibility of the applicant.

It is very important to us that we keep your property occupied with minimum turnovers. However, our experience shows that it is even more important to be selective when choosing a tenant. Our goal is to find the best tenant for your investment.


Generally, rental payments are due on the first of each month. We offer a grace period that extends to the 5th of the month without penalty. If a rental payment is received after the 5th of the month a late fee is imposed and strictly enforced.


We provide individual monthly reports to our owners detailing their property profits and losses, an itemization of payment collections and a cash flow statement. Also, you will receive a 1099 statement along with a schedule E and a year end statement for easy tax preparations.


MOVE-IN: Prior the to occupancy, we inspect the condition of the property noting any issues that need to be resolved before tenant possession. Minor repairs are then scheduled for completion. Discrepancies such as worn carpets or other defects are noted so the new occupant is not held responsible when they vacate the property.

PERIODIC: We conduct exterior drive-by inspections of each property periodically. We pay close attention to the landscaping, i.e. if the vegetation appears to be receiving enough water or fertilizer or is being maintained; and if there is an abundance of weeds or rubbish present. We also schedule interior inspections approximately every 6-months unless more frequent visits are warranted.

MOVE-OUT: When a tenant moves out, an inspection by the property manager is scheduled and performed. In some instances, the tenant is present while in others they either prefer not to be or are unable to attend. Any repairs deemed to be the tenant’s responsibility are completed and deducted from the tenants deposit on file. The property is then professionally cleaned and advertised for rent.


We respond quickly to maintenance needs while paying close attention to expenses. We have established relationships with local vendors who provide quality levels of workmanship at reasonable prices. Upon notification of a repair issue, we determine the course of action and coordinate the repairs or services promptly. At resolution, we follow-up with the tenant to make sure the job was completed satisfactorily. We keep our landlords informed throughout the process and are always available.


It is not very often that we are in the situation of removing a tenant from the property; however, it does occasionally happen. Our procedures regarding the eviction process start with a 3-Day Notice To Pay Or Quit, typically given within the first week that the rent is delinquent. This Notice is hand delivered to the defaulting tenant or delivered by registered mail, return receipt requested in the event we are unable to reach the tenant. If we do not receive the rent, upon your approval the eviction attorney will be notified and proceedings will begin. Owner is obligated for all eviction fees.


We successfully market millions of dollars worth of real estate each year. We are confident that when you are ready to sell your property, our Real Estate Sales department will assist you in receiving the most profitable return on your investment.

We here to assist you.

Contact us direct at 805-584-2688 or [email protected]