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Apply in Advance and GET Approved!

We do not charge an upfront fee for applying!
However, in the second phase after reviewing the application and supporting documents, application fees will be charged for ALL PERSONS 18 AND OLDER to verify credit worthiness, including a background check.
$30 Fee for listings in Boise
$40 Fee for listings in other cities


You may email them to: [email protected]

1. Submit Application:
Please complete the application thoroughly on-line for each applicant and upload/Email corresponding documentation. Failure to provide any requested information would deem the application incomplete and therefore will not be considered.

Complete and sign application for EACH ADULT (18 years & older) who will reside in the home.

2. IDENTIFICATION: Upload/Email a copy of valid ID (driver's license, military ID, state ID, passport)

3. PROOF OF INCOME: Upload/Email Supporting Documents
A: Four most recent pay-stubs and two bank statements.
B: For self-employed/1099 and/or retired individuals: a copy of your last year's income tax return is required and copies of your two most recent bank statements for business & personal. (Screenshots are not accepted)
C: If Relocating or New Job Offer; Upload/Email Official Job Offer Letter
The letter must be on official letterhead of employer. Approval dependent on verification of authenticity at the discretion of the screening company. Must list a start date, date the offer was issued and base income.

Unacceptable Documentation of Income:
In General: If it's not reported to the IRS, it is not accepted income.
Any documentation that does not show the applicants name
Non-verifiable letters of employment
Self-generated reports
Cash Receipts
Handwritten or typed notes

4. Application FEE:
Once a complete application has been completed with the proper documentation and reviewed, you will be notified to advance to the next step:
Pay the NON-REFUNDABLE FEE for each applicant 18 years and older, and co-signer if applicable (regardless of family/marital status to verify credit worthiness and background info).

5. PETS/ASSISTANCE ANIMALS: *Not all properties accept pets. Rental applications with household pets and or service/companion/assistance animals are to submit a pet profile through a third-party pet screening vendor as a part of our rental application process. Please visit:
This service charges a small fee for the pet, however service/companion/assistance animals are exempt.
The Service will assign a "Paw Score" that will determine your monthly pet rent and a one-time non-refundable pet fee.

RENTAL HISTORY: Verifiable (non-family) rental history for the past year. If you have owned a home, your payment history will reflect on your credit report. Co-signers and/or increased deposits may be considered for lack of rental history, foreclosure or short sale. Applications may also be denied for damages beyond normal wear and tear, illegal activity on premises and/or reports of non-compliance. Any landlord reference that includes 3 or more late payments per calendar year, will result in an increased security deposit. Any instance of a security deposit which was not returned due to damage of the rental unit beyond normal cleaning/repairs and/or any instance of property intent to vacate notice not being given to a landlord and/or a broken lease, may all be cause for denial.

7. INCOME: Families/couples must be able to prove a combined monthly income of at least 2.5 times the monthly rent. Roommates must prove their income to be at 2 times the rent amount EACH. Child support and SSI can be counted as income as long as it is verifiable. Unemployment is not considered income. Income guidelines may be waived at the discretion of Southwest Idaho Property Management if applicant prepays rent for the full term of the lease.

8. CREDIT: Your credit score must be 650 or higher. Scores below 650 can sometimes be approved with conditions. Applicants may be required to pay an increased deposit equal to one month's rent and/or a co-signer and you must have excellent income and rental history. Applicants that have a non-existent credit rating may result in denial or require a co-signer. Applicants with an open bankruptcy will automatically be denied. All information shown on the credit report is subject to verification, including previous address and place of employment. Credit reports supplied by applicants are not accepted.

CO-SIGNERS: Co-signers must have a credit score no less than 700, provide income statements of at least four (4) times the monthly rent amount, and must live and work in Idaho, and have no criminal history. Co-signers are accepted to cure an income shortage or lack of rental history only, not to overcome bad credit.

9. CRIMINAL HISTORY: Convictions on crimes against a person and/or property are not considered. Additional causes for denial can include:
1. Illegal drug or gang involvement of any kind,
2. Any violent act against another person,
3. Vandalism, arson, etc.
4. Burglary
5. Criminal Trespassing
6. Sex offender felony

1. Collection efforts filed by past landlord or property management companies
2. Any unlawful detainer action or eviction
3. Incomplete or unverifiable information on rental application
4. Discrepancies between rental application and verified information
5. Any rental history upon which previous landlord or management refuses to re-rent to applicant

All units are non-smoking (including Vape) and require that smoking tenants do so at least 20 feet away from all entryways and windows.

Applications are usually processed within 3 business days, this depends on how quickly your references respond to our inquiries. If request attempts are unsuccessful, Southwest Idaho Management will decline your application after 24 hours of the final request.

Thank You,
Customer Service and Leasing Team
Southwest Idaho Property Management
[email protected]
Call or Text: 208-901-0041