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About Us

We began real estate investing nine years ago and currently own over 50 units in central Illinois (Mattoon, Tuscola and Champaign/Urbana). Our portfolio is a mix of apartment buildings, small multiplexes, duplexes, and single-family rentals that we self-manage. 

By June of 2023, we will attain $1.2 million in yearly cash flow, forced appreciation and equity build. We will do this by growing a successful real estate portfolio of 500 or more units built on sound fundamentals and focused on adding value to the community and its residents. Our interim goal is to acquire 100 units by January of 2021 by focusing on value-add multifamily deals.

We are also committed to massively contributing to our community by being champions of social justice and equity--particularly in education and housing. 


Nick Gaines

Owner & Manager

[email protected]

Kristen Gaines