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About Us

  • Our property management group is based out of Newport Beach, CA.
  • We operate in the Palm Springs area and are looking to expand.
  • We have bought, owned, and managed real estate here in Palm Springs for since 2010.

Contact us today at (760) 641-3412 or [email protected]

We provide property management and other professional real estate services in and around the Palm Springs, CA area.




Meet Your Team


James Viglione
James Viglione

After hearing years of tenant horror stories from his Mom regarding managing her rental properties, Jim decided to get into the property management business in 2007 with the simple goal of helping his poor Mom. His primary goal at the time was to alleviate the stress that managing her rental properties had put upon her. However, after looking at the management of rental real estate as a business, Jim decided there needed to be three areas of focus:


         1. Find and retain the best tenants possible.
         2. Maximize income.         
         3. Maximize value of the underlying asset.

Jim found by making small upgrades to the properties, he was able to attract a better class of tenant that was willing to pay more in rent, AND stay in the property longer! In addition to helping maximize current rental income of the properties, it also increased the value of the property. This has been his strategy ever since. Thanks Mom!

Michael Viglione

Michael Viglione

Michael was born and raised in Woodbridge, VA. Michael brings his east coast perspective and the famous southern hospitality to the company in addition to all his other skills and qualifications. Michael was exposed to real estate at a very young age. During his early years he worked in California over several different summers assisting Jim to gain experience and to help pay for his college education. Shortly after Michael earned his degree he was offered a full time position managing property here in Palm Springs. Michael quit his job, picked up everything, and moved to the west coast. Michael now currently resides and works in Palm Springs under the careful tutelage of Jim. He enjoys his sports and is an exercise and fitness enthusiast.

Michael earned his Bachelors of Science degree from Old Dominion University. Michael has been a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson in the State of California since 2015 and has earned his Property Management Certification from the Calirfornia Association of Realtors.