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EquityPro Management 

 At EquityPro Management, we provide a variety of property management services to rent, maintain high occupancy, tenant retention and maximize rent revenue. This is accomplished through customer service to both our residents and property owners.

We provide quality rental housing in the multifamily and residential housing market.  

    Customer Service

We are dedicated to provide our residents with fast, reliable service when it comes to maintenance and repairs. Our relationships within the trade industry are strong and we use highly competent, reliable vendors who are licensed, insured and bonded. We are able to provide quality service at a reasonable cost to our owners.

Our philosophy to tenant retention is simple: Tenants will happily pay market rent if they are treated with respect, feel safe in their home and are receiving what they expect and are paying for. We take pride in providing timely, safe and reliable maintenance service to our tenants and properties. This encourages our tenants to pay their rent on time, which in turn maximizes tenant retention, minimizes unit turn over, vacancy and down time. 

      What We Do

If you are a real estate investor, we are the place to help you run your rental business through quality property management with integrity and transparency. In addition, we are able to provide full unit remodel and unit turn over services.

If you are a resident, we are the place to help you find a new place to live. we are able to provide quality rental properties and maintenence services to meet your expectations.

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Meet Your Team

Henry Camacho

Henry is an active commercial real estate broker specializing in the multi-family market. He has over  30 years experience managing properties, he started with his own, and shortly thereafter started EquityPro Management in 2001. The property sales side of his business goes by "Commercial Real Estate Properties". Check out

When Henry isn't working, he enjoys spending time with his family and playing guitar.

Norma Hernandez

Norma joined EquityPro Management in 2016 to be part of our accounting department. She is task oriented and contributes to the overall success of EquityPro Management.

 She brings with her a “we can do” attitude and the ability to multi-task. Her commitment to our goal of providing exceptional customer service to our residents and property owners is invaluable.

Phillip Gonzalez

Phillip joined EquityPro Management in 2020. He easily blends creative problem-solving skills together with tech-savvy awareness. He leads marketing campaigns to property owners and real estate agents. Additionally, he maintains our website/development and provides compliance regulation and support to our clients and tenants.

His hobbies include gardening, snowboarding, skateboarding, and offroading in old Toyota trucks.

Dana Tedesco

Dana has worked in the legal field for over 25 years, she is highly organized, task driven and wears many hats. Under her guidance, the team relies on her to keep transactions and escrows moving forward to the closing table. Her experience, knowledge of contracts and the detailed paperwork required to meet legal requirements of the DRE is not only very important, it allows our agents to focus on brokerage activities to meet the needs of our clients. Dana lives in the city of Whittier with her husband and their son, Stephen. In her leisure time, she loves to cook, travel and her golden doodles, Murphy Jack and Maggie Mae.