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About Us

We are the Place to Be to find BOTH quality residential rentals and to find a property manager that is an expert in locating and screening the best residents. We are also experts in maintaining your quality home, duplex, Multi-family, condominium, apartment building, condos, retail, and office space. Call or text us today at 931.551.2848.

Areas we provide property management services:

  • 30 mile Radius of Clarksville, TN
  • Hopkinsville, Guthrie, Elkton, Pembroke, Oak Grove, KY
  • We can help you buy, sell or rent your property.


Meet Your Property Manager





Sharon Burrage   
Owner/Principal Broker

Sharon launched her company in July 2022, but has been in the property management business since 2013 in Clarksville, TN & has recently expanded into the Oak Grove/Hopkinsville, KY area.  One reason she founded her own management company is because she believes in providing a more personal level of service to her clients. Rather than treating them as just a number in a large corporation, she is committed to building long-term relationships with each owner, and providing customized solutions to meet their unique needs. By operating as an independent management company, she is able to offer a more personalized approach that prioritizes the individual needs and preferences of each client.
She has extensive hands-on experience in managing a large portfolio of properties, with a proven track record of successfully overseeing the management of over 750+ properties simultaneously. This experience has given her a deep understanding of the industry and its best practices, and has honed her skills in effective communication and problem-solving. 
She stated "as an experienced management professional, I am truly passionate about delivering high-quality service to my clients. I firmly believe that it's not just about earning a living, but about building lasting relationships based on trust, integrity, and a personalized approach. I am committed to providing each of my clients with the individual attention and support they need to achieve their goals, and I take great pride in delivering exceptional results that exceed their expectations. To me, it's not just business, it's personal."